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31 December 2007 @ 07:51 pm
A Year Of Videos  
Follow-up of my Stories of 2007 post. All links are directly to YouTube or Imeem as all video posts at fadedpaperare member-locked. 


from your favourite sky - mac/cassidy (veronica mars)
breathing - veronica, keith (veronica mars)
wires - veronica/logan (veronica mars)
running away - wilson/cameron (house md)
brand new day - betty/daniel (ugly betty)
brighter than sunshine - betty/henry (ugly betty)
black roses red - mac/bronson (veronica mars)


addicted - max/tess (roswell)
story of a broken girl - tess (roswell)
lacrymosa - sam/jo (supernatural)
somewhere only we know - claire/zach (heroes)
broken hearts - claire, nathan (heroes)
homecoming queen v.2 - claire (heroes)
on fire - claire/desmond (lost) - THIS IS WHEN I STARTED USING SONY VEGAS 7!
rinse - claire, hrg (heroes)
you and me - hiro/charlie (heroes)
by the way - claire, hrg (heroes)
missing you - izzie/denny (grey's anatomy)
light up; light up - claire, hrg (heroes)


watch the sky - peter (heroes)
(let's take it) back to the start - claire/zach (heroes)
stand still, look pretty - claire (lost)
so contagious - betty/henry (ugly betty)
we are mice - claire/jack (lost)
best of me - izzie/george (grey's anatomy)
it's not over - claire/desmond (lost)
all about us - nikki/paolo (lost)


take me as i am - claire (heroes)
blind - claire/sawyer (lost)
what about now? - jim/pam (the office)
lying from you - dl/niki/jessica (heroes)
happy together - ryan/kelly (the office)
crash and burn - brooke, haley, peyton (one tree hill)
hanging by a moment - brooke/haley (one tree hill)
adrenaline - claire (heroes) i remade this video recently but didn't post it on YouTube, if you want it, let me know
can't take it - daniel/betty (ugly betty)
wasted years - isaac (heroes)
light surrounding you - claire, hrg (heroes)
you're so damn hot - brooke/nathan (one tree hill)


all the same - claire, hrg (heroes) i remade this video, it's linked below
you'll never be - claire/hrg (heroes)
hurt - claire, nathan (heroes)
cold - claire/nathan (heroes)
look after you - molly, mohinder (heroes)
one thing - brooke/haley (one tree hill)
what's left of me - logan/veronica (veronica mars)


kill - claire/hrg (heroes)
sugar, we're going down - george michael/maeby (arrested development) linked to imeem; was removed from youtube for copyright infringment
my favourite accident - george michael/maeby (arrested development) linked to imeem; was removed from youtube for copyright infringment
gifts and curses - molly, mohinder (heroes)
the secrets in the telling - brooke/nathan (one tree hill)
missing - brooke/lucas/peyton (one tree hill)
monster - peyton, psycho!derek (one tree hill)
accidentally in love - lucas/haley (one tree hill)
stay - dan/haley (one tree hill)
irvine - denny/izzie (grey's anatomy)
you found me - brooke/keith (one tree hill)
disease - sylar/peyton's angel of death (heroes/one tree hill)
leave out all the rest - brooke/peter (one tree hill/heroes)
we used to be friends - brooke, peyton (one tree hill)


better days - brooke/lucas (one tree hill)
home - brooke/logan (one tree hill/veronica mars)
misery business - brooke/logan/veronica (one tree hill/veronica mars)
my best friend - lucas, haley (one tree hill)
sorry - claire, hrg (heroes)
the diary of isobel - nathan/izzie (heroes/grey's anatomy)
just so you know - claire/zach (heroes)
the mixed tape - harry/ginny (harry potter)
you cut her hair - sylar/claire/isaac (heroes)
beginning to get to me - ron/hermione (harry potter)
signal fire - claire, hrg (heroes)
don't panic - molly, mohinder (heroes)
let love in - claire/nathan (heroes)
how we operate - haley/peter (one tree hill/heroes)
saving me - claire/hiro (heroes)
because of you - niki/peter (heroes)
elsewhere - hiro/charlie (heroes)
possession - claire/the haitian (heroes)


someday - niki/dl (heroes)
hear me - claire/matt (heroes)
somewhere - claire/ted (heroes)
you'll be in my heart - niki, micah (heroes)
collide - austin/julie (desperate housewives)
kill - claire/mohinder (heroes)
umbrella - brooke, haley (one tree hill)
lovestoned - niki/mohinder (heroes)
open your eyes - claire/peter (heroes)
drops of jupiter - harry/luna (harry potter)
it's not over - claire/zach (heroes)
mouth shut - brooke/lucas (one tree hill)
phobic - claire/lyle (heroes)
not gonna get us - claire/hrg (heroes)
walk away - claire/sylar (heroes)
it doesn't matter - dean/brooke (supernatural/one tree hill)
california - sark/candace (alias/heroes)
innocence - brooke/lucas (one tree hill)
still alright - betty/santos (ugly betty)
it's you - betty/henry (ugly betty)
shoulda - betty/daniel (ugly betty)
your guardian angel - haley/peter (one tree hill/heroes)
i can feel you all around me - veronica, lily (veronica mars)


closer - chloe/clark (smallville)
running up that hill - chloe, lionel, lex (smallville)
i'll stand by you - chloe, lana (smallville)
life is beautiful - chloe/peter (smallville/heroes)
when you're gone - jake/peyton (one tree hill)
24 - grace (the hitcher)
the webs we weave - nathan/haley/nathan (one tree hill/heroes)
becoming - grace, john (the hitcher)
hey there deliliah - chris/haley (one tree hill)
secret smile - claire/clark (heroes/smallville)
the bitter end - claire/sylar (heroes)
in my dreams - veronica, hrg, the haitian (veronica mars/heroes)
the greatest story ever told - chloe/clark (smallville)
gossip girl trailer, oth style - peyton(blair)/jake(nate)/haley(serena) (one tree hill/gossip girl)
the mixed tape - claire/isaac (heroes)
fallen - max/tess (roswell)
we are broken - claire, hrg, peter, nathan (heroes)
one true thing - jim/pam (the office)
pieces - claire/nathan (heroes)
breathe into me - isabel/kivar (roswell)
for you - peter/claire (heroes)
prelude - brooke/ian (one tree hill)
love song requiem - peter/claire (heroes/lost)
everything - brooke/lucas (one tree hill)
fall to pieces - brooke/peyton (one tree hill)
falling inside the black - nathan (heroes)


all is full of love - claire/kensei (heroes)
stolen - eric/jenny (gossip girl)
once - peter/izzie/nathan (heroes/grey's anatomy)
three months - claire, nathan, peter (heroes)
my last breath - claire, hrg (heroes)
chemicals react - blair/dan (gossip girl)
you and me - peyton/lucas (one tree hill)
corner of your heart - brooke/logan (one tree hill/veronica mars)
stuck - brooke/nathan (one tree hill)
somewhere a clock is ticking - sam, ruby (supernatural)
chasing cars - alex/izzie (grey's anatomy)
suddenly i see - kristen bell/zachary quinto (heroes real-person)
when you were young - claire/west (heroes)
the ghost of you - nathan, peter (heroes)
in my hands - veronica/sylar (veronica mars/heroes)
different - ando/charlie (heroes)
can i have a kiss? - summer/seth (the oc)
my december - nathan (heroes)
love will come through - dan/blair (gossip girl)
what i've done - claire (heroes)
apologize - veronica, haley (veronica mars/one tree hill)
closer - peyton/sam (one tree hill/supernatural)
brighter - claire/sylar (heroes)
paradise - claire, hrg (heroes)


little house - claire (heroes)
even angels fall - ryan/taylor (the oc)
say goodbye - brooke/peter (one tree hill/heroes)
bubbly - jimmy/kara (smallville)
dark blue - niki/nathan (heroes)
only one - brooke/lucas (one tree hill)
lovestoned - blair/chuck (gossip girl)
just so you know - zach/west (heroes)
out of control - blair/logan (gossip girl/veronica mars)
vindicated - brooke/nathan (one tree hill)
i will be - matt, molly, mohinder (heroes)
holding out for a hero - dean/veronica (supernatural/veronica mars)
running up that hill - elle/peter (heroes)
what goes around comes around - adam/elle/peter/caitlin (heroes)
i walk alone - niki (heroes)
1234 - claire (heroes)
signal fire - claire/hiro (heroes)
halo - claire/sam (heroes/supernatural)
feelings show - claire/west (heroes)
perfect world - claire, hrg, mohinder (heroes)
echo - nathan/peyton (one tree hill)
all the same (remake) - claire/hrg (heroes)
let go - claire (heroes)
hands clean - elle/hrg (heroes)
the bitter end - claire, mohinder (heroes)
dizzy - mohinder/elle (heroes)
cold hard bitch - niki, jessica, gina (heroes)
crashed - nathan/haley/dean (one tree hill/supernatural)
misery business - claire/zach/jackie (heroes)
undignified - sandra/noah (heroes)
all you wanted - claire, nathan (heroes)
nobody's home - blair (gossip girl)
say it's possible - blair/serena (gossip girl)


all i need - elle/peter (heroes)
possession - max/tess (roswell)
for you only - simon/river (firefly)
me against the world - ensemble (heroes)
think twice - sylar/claire/peter (heroes)
emergency - petrelli's and bennet's (heroes)
if only - chuck/blair/nate (gossip girl)
every you every me - ensemble (gossip girl)
hundred - brooke/jake (one tree hill)
look after you - logan/veronica (veronica mars)
i've just seen a face - ron/hermione (harry potter)
already over - nathan (heroes)
flavor of the week - blair/nate (gossip girl)
cry me a river - claire/elle/peter (heroes)
going under - sylar/maya (heroes)
u + ur hand - serena (gossip girl)
worn me down - claire/niki/jessica (heroes)
crushcrushcrush - claire/lyle (heroes)
rehab - claire/sylar (heroes)
i'm so sick - niki, jessica (heroes)
bring me to life - claire/peter (heroes)
in the end - claire (heroes)
attack - sylar/maya (heroes)
good lives - ensemble (heroes)
breathe me - brooke/haley (one tree hill)
over you - west/claire/zach (heroes)
starlight - noah/niki (heroes)
bizarre love triangle - blair/claire (gossip girl/heroes)
just a dream - niki/dl (heroes)
all i need - molly (heroes)
the kill - kensei/adam, hiro (heroes)
with me - claire/hrg (heroes)
falling inside the black - claire, nathan, peter (heroes)

Final Numbers:

Total: 217 music videos
Fandoms: Veronica Mars (14), House MD (1), Ugly Betty (7), Roswell (4), Supernatural (7),  Heroes (117), Lost (7), Grey's Anatomy (6), The Office (4), Arrested Development (2), One Tree Hill (39), Harry Potter (4), Desperate Housewives (1), Alias (1), Smallville (7), The Hitcher (2), Gossip Girl (13), The OC (2),  Firefly (1)

My favorite video this year (of my own):
I'd say "falling inside the black (claire, nathan, peter)" but that's my most recent so I don't think it counts, haha. It's kinda of hard to say cos there is SO freaking many. "in the end" is probably pretty far up there, but going back further, maybe "what goes around comes around", oh or "your guardian angel" (going back even further, haha) because I think that worked quite well. But I don't know, I don't think I have a favourite.

My least favorite:
That's also tough, because I'm probably my toughest critic and I don't like things about all my videos. But I think my least favourite is "prelude", which is odd because it won a contest, but I had serious ghost clip problems in that video and it makes me cringe.

Most successful video:
YouTube wise - easily "collide" with over 31000 views, which I don't entirely understand cos it's pretty crappy and I don't like it much - but Desperate Housewives is a pretty popular show, and also a fandom with very few videos, so I guess people latch onto what they can get. Other videos from this year doing freakishly good over there include: "what about now?" with over 24000 views, "missing you" with over 22000 views, "happy together" with over 16000 views, "lovestoned (blair/chuck)" with over 15000 views, "best of me" with over 11000 views and "brand new day" with over 9000 views. :) 

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Pretty much all my Claire/HRG ones - none of them get as many views as some of my others - and their hardly my most insane pairing! And "different" - poor Ando/Charlie. :(

Most fun video to make:
"i'm so sick" was fun, cos there was lots of death. "1234" was fun, cos I adore that song and it just makes me bounce around, so yeah, that was enjoyable to make. "dizzy" has the same effect on me as "1234", so that was pretty fun too, haha. "in my dreams" was alot of fun because I came up with a neat storyline that I enjoyed trying to make work - and it made me so anxious to see KBell interact with Jack Coleman (and they didn't disappoint!).

Hardest video to make:
I'd have to say "in the end" was kinda hard - it took a long time and alot of patience. Hmm, "suddenly i see" was hard in a way, because it was my first Real Person video and I had to dig around for footage of ZQ and KBell.

The things I've learnt this year...
People can be really rude - there's a difference between being obnoxiously mean and giving constructive criticism! I've learnt my way around Vegas alot more - I can mask and use Media Generator gradients and overlay and my manipulations are alot better. I've learnt how to better edit my videos with fun things like fast cuts, zooms, and twists.

Things to work on in 2008
I'd love to learn how to use a program like "particleIllusion" to make really rad special effects. I need to work on not editing out my songs so much - but on the other hand, I'd rather a short video then a long one that drags and bores, so maybe not.

Vid projects I definitely want to get finished this next year:
My leftover video requests from Christmas.
A Mohinder and Bennet video.
Complete in entirety the pair-Claire-with-everyone list and get well into the pair-Elle-with-everyone that will go up tomorrow (yay!).
More Haley crossovers.
My Haley/Nathan "Perfect Grave" video I plan on making when the first episode of s5 airs (Jan 8!!!).

And while I was writing up this post (it literally took over three and a half hours - Heroes no longer looks like a word *headdesk*) I reached by 1000th subscriber on YouTube!! Seriously, WOW. What a way to end the year! I have to say a huge thank you to all my supporters - I couldn't have done this without you. :D
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Current Music: falling inside the black - skillet
Soniadreamer4life78 on December 31st, 2007 11:49 am (UTC)
Hey Jess!

Its Sonia (geekynotboring) from youtube!
just wanted to say congrats on all of these vids! its really amazing that you keep making them and they just keep getting better! :D

I'd have to say my faves are your zach/claire vids (because i love Zach! and you always edit them brilliantly), All the Same- Claire/HRG (because it was a great song choice for them and you summed up their relationship brilliantly) and Think Twice Peter/Claire/Sylar because it was a wicked idea and you used the song brilliantly for the triangle!

Well done and Happy new Year!

sugarpuss sourlemon: [H] c/z; standing on the edge of yousparkfading on December 31st, 2007 11:55 am (UTC)
Hey there hon! ♥

Aww, thank you so much! Thanks for sticking by me through them all, haha. You've been one of my nicest subscribers, so thank you.

Good choices, haha. I love All The Same and Think Twice, and I hope to have more Claire/Zach videos when we get his footage from The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so keep an eye out. ;)

Happy New Year! ♥
midnightxgarden: [heroes] claire/noah (don't say goodbye)midnightxgarden on December 31st, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
All of this is awesome!! All of these videos easy to find. Hurray!

I love all of your Claire/HRG vids; just so you know that they're not under appreciated by me. :p

My favorite vids were the Peter/Caitlin/Adam/Elle one; Noah, Claire, Peter, Nathan (We Are Broken); and all of the HRG/Claire, Nathan/Claire and Sylar/Claire videos. :)

Just so you know that you're still awesome. Because you are. :D

Edited at 2007-12-31 04:15 pm (UTC)
sugarpuss sourlemon: [H] c/hrg; always by your sidesparkfading on December 31st, 2007 09:38 pm (UTC)
Haha, yay! ♥

Aww, thanks hon. That really does mean alot. :):)

Yay, good to know. ♥

And truly, thank you. That means the world to me hon. *gives a gold star*
Victoria: [M/T] Kiss Me Onceblighted_star on December 31st, 2007 06:57 pm (UTC)
You are amazing with all the music videos you make.

And I just watched your Lost Jack/Claire "We Are Mice" (March) video. That was great and now I am so psyched for them to find out they're related.
Great song, too.
sugarpuss sourlemon: [R] m/i/t; ot3sparkfading on December 31st, 2007 09:35 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks! ♥

Haha, that is one thing I'm looking forward to. :D
Shan: Shika Smokingthefrug on January 1st, 2008 12:13 am (UTC)
aw, i love the Ando/Charlie vid- It was one of my favorites cuz Ando never gets enough love! I am looking forward to your Pair-Elle up with everyone! yay!
sugarpuss sourlemon: [H] e/m; i'm drowing in your vanitysparkfading on January 1st, 2008 01:00 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks! ♥ I can't wait to make them - it's gonna be fun! :D
Ms Dref: kissing2dref22 on January 1st, 2008 01:35 am (UTC)
Your videos are awesome, you are the best vidder out there. I can't wait for your new Claire/HRG videos!
sugarpuss sourlemon: [H] c/hrg; our love will lastsparkfading on January 1st, 2008 01:41 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks hon. ♥ Happy New Year!
Ms Dref: kissing2dref22 on January 1st, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)
Happy new year!!!!
Karrie Veronica <3myst56 on January 1st, 2008 07:14 am (UTC)
you are a vidding TANK and I love you!! ♥
keep those amazing videos coming.. you brighten up my day with them! ♥

(p.s. I was thinking about how the Pair-Elle-With-Everyone thing works so well, too... because you totally can, LOL. ♥)
sugarpuss sourlemon: [H] c/e; cry me a riversparkfading on January 1st, 2008 07:59 am (UTC)
Haha, I'm glad I can brighten your day, it means alot. You brighten MY day with your comments, so thank you. ♥