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24 February 2008 @ 05:55 pm
wrap-up of february '08  
 So since I doubt I'll be making any more videos this month with my current schedule, I'm doing this list up now while I have the time. If I make anymore before March, I'll update the list. :)

February 2008

a bitter song - peyton sawyer (ONE TREE HILL)
just the girl - claire/west (HEROES)
superstar - blair&jenny (GOSSIP GIRL)
i just can't live without you - claire/hrg (HEROES)
beautiful obscene - ruby (SUPERNATURAL)
she will be loved - claire/zach (HEROES)
can't take it - peyton/lucas (ONE TREE HILL)
time - claire bennet (HEROES)
come on home - brooke/lucas (ONE TREE HILL)
everything - brooke/peyton (ONE TREE HILL)
never let this go - claire bennet (HEROES)
i cannot be more - cameron/john (THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES)
who likes who - (MULTI-FANDOM)
silent night - claire/nathan (HEROES)
devil's archerists - rachel gattina (ONE TREE HILL)
all over you - brooke/lucas (ONE TREE HILL)
close up - claire/elle (HEROES)
again and again - mohinder/elle (HEROES)
cure my tragedy - claire bennet (HEROES)
extraordinary - (MULTI-FANDOM)
i must be dreaming - elle&bob (HEROES)
radar - nathan scott (ONE TREE HILL)

Final Numbers:

Total: 22 music videos
Fandoms: One Tree Hill (7), Heroes (10), Gossip Girl (1), Supernatural (1), The Sarah Connor Chronicles (1), Multi-Fandom (2)

My favorite video this year month (of my own):
This is so so freaking hard cos I actually love so many of them this month! I love "Superstar", definitely a huge fave. I love "Everything", cos the song is so absolutely freaking perfect for Breyton. I love "Who Likes Who" and "Extraordinary", they were so much fun and so hard but came out just right! And I love "Again And Again", it makes me wanna bounce and dance and be happy.  

My least favorite:
Not overly impressed with "A Bitter Song".

Most successful video:
In the views column, "Can't Take It" won by a mile with over 4000 views! Wow, go Leyton, who'da thunk?!

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Poor poor poor "Silent Night' with it's measley 600+ views. Poor Nathan/Claire.

Most fun video to make:
"Who Likes Who". God, all the pairings! I lovelovelove it, especially using KBell's characters Veronica and Elle as Gossip Girl as the narrator.

Hardest video to make:
"Extraordinary" was very very hard, trying to find all these different female characters I like, especially towards the end.

The things I've learnt this year month...
Spambot channels never die! I've had my videos taken by spambots six times in the past week and a half! *headdesk*

Things to work on in 2008
As I said before: I'd love to learn how to use a program like "particleIllusion" to make really rad special effects.

Vid projects I definitely want to get finished this year next month:
Nathan Scott - Radar
Boone/Shannon - it will happen people!!!
Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: extraordinary - liz phair