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03 May 2008 @ 10:17 pm
wrap-up of april '08  
April 2008

one girl reveloution - (MULTI-FANDOM)
the nicest thing - brooke/lucas (ONE TREE HILL)
hurt - claire bennet (HEROES)
numb - nathan petrelli (HEROES)
hot - brooke davis multi-shipper (ONE TREE HILL)
broken - veronica mars (VERONICA MARS)
never too late - chloe/clark (SMALLVILLE)
speeding cars - ensemble (HEROES)
when i grow up - ensemble (ONE TREE HILL)
it's only life - claire bennet (HEROES)
best i ever had - brooke/nathan (ONE TREE HILL)
everything - brooke/lucas (ONE TREE HILL)
9 crimes - brooke/blair (ONE TREE HILL/GOSSIP GIRL)
corner of your heart - claire/nathan/peter/noah (HEROES)
never far behind - (MULTI-FANDOM)

Total: 15 music videos
Fandoms: Multi-Fandom (2), One Tree Hill (6), Heroes (5), Veronica Mars (1), Smallville (1), Gossip Girl (1) 

A slow month overall, but not surprising since it was a stressful and uninspiring one. Still not a bad collection, and I'm amused that I started and ended the month with a multi-fandom video. ♥
Current Mood: workingworking
Current Music: little miss obsessive - ashlee simpson